If it's revenge you're looking for,
Wiley and Dave are masters of paying it forward.

Sometimes the legal system lets us down.

Sometimes people who have been victimized need a helping hand — someone who can lead them out of the darkness.

Sometimes it takes an eye for an eye before the psyche can see the light again. And when it does, Arthur D. Colman's modern knights of retribution, Wiley Stone and Dave Blue of Revenge, Inc., are there to right the wrongs of violence and cruelty.

In their hands, revenge has never been as sweet — or as complete.

About the Series

Equal parts real-life stories and depth psychoanalytic expertise combine in the Revenge, Inc. series of psycho-thrillers, together creating a world where victims emerge the victors in the court of final payback.

About the Arthur D. Colman

Arthur D. Colman, physician, psychiatrist, and Jungian analyst, draws from his expertise on scapegoating to craft this mind-gripping series of thrillers where revenge is the prescription for living well ever after.

Just Released — A New Adventure in Revenge from Arthur D. Colman

351 pages,
US Trade Paper

$9.95 Kindle Edition

Joe Diamond May Be a Prodigy, but Cruelty Drives His Genius

Joe Diamond is a brilliant star in the world of biotechnology, on the short list for a Nobel Prize. Yet beneath the glittering surface, the mask he wears conceals an evil, manipulative soul. Diamond is a formidable opponent, deserving exactly what he gets in Arthur D. Colman's latest psychological thriller Revenge of the Scapegoat.

“ . . . a gripping psychological thriller veiled in mystery and rich with guessing-game twists of wit and wile.”
— Greg Cahill, San Francisco Bay Area arts editor

“This is one that will haunt you for days after you think you've finished with it.”
— Paul Thomason, New York writer and critic

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Meet Dr. Scapegoat to Learn More About the Roots of Revenge

Scapegoating is as old as humankind; it's at the root of revenge. And bullying is one of the most common and emotionally traumatic forms of scapegoating, putting its victims at greater risk for depression and suicide. Learn more and join the conversation at Arthur D. Colman's Dr. Scapegoat website and blog.