About the Series

About-the-SeriesRevenge, Inc. navigates readers through the deepest, darkest paths of revenge — among the most pleasurable, powerful, and dangerous of human desires.

Call it payback, retribution, retaliation, vengeance, or an eye for eye. Call it whatever you wish, but its about one thing and one thing only — getting revenge.

Weve all had revenge fantasies. Revenge is in our bones; it stirs our imaginations. Revenge allows us to emerge as victor from the anguished landscape where victims dwell, our hunger to punish satiated.

Revenge is so ingrained in the human psyche that since ancient times our laws have been written to quash this burning need to do what those very same laws don't always do: punish the guilty.

Drawing from his years on the therapeutic front lines of scapegoating — the root of revenge — Revenge, Inc. author Arthur D. Colman, a Harvard-educated physician, psychiatrist, and Jungian analyst, brings his intimate knowledge of revenge to bear in this series of mind-gripping psychological thrillers.

Colman's Revenge, Inc. redefines the genre. Here, equal parts real-life stories and depth psychoanalytic expertise combine to create a truly human, truly complete — in body and soul — crime-and-punishment thriller.

In Colman's compelling construct, revenge is the desperate and final instrument that empowers the victim to determine the physical, psychological, and ethical extent of retribution. Vengeance is theirs.

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