Inside “Cloud of Terns”

Cloud of Terns

$14.95 / $9.95 Kindle Edition

"Cloud of Terns"

A psycho-thriller by Arthur D. Colman

“I know hurting them will just be adding another negative factor to my life, but I want that factor added. I need to act. I don't want to think of myself as a coward or a victim.” – Renata Champagne

A fraternity hell night, a rape, a suicide, a cover-up, scapegoating, the abuse of power and privilege—“Cloud of Terns ” has it all, and more. In “Cloud of Terns” the tables are turned on the tormentors: They get theirs, the retribution crafted by victim Renata Champagne and exacted by her partners in punishment, Wiley Stone and Dave Blue of Revenge, Inc.

From Revenge, Inc. headquarters on the Sausalito waterfront to Seattle and across the globe to the exotic landscape of Seychelles, author Arthur D. Colman takes readers on a breathless quest for the perfect payback for the brutal acts against Renata and her roommate, Jody McDivot.

The guilty are three young men, one of whom is Renata's boyfriend; the setting is a frat house on the campus of Queen Anne University in Seattle. But when the rape and Jody's suicide are swept under the rug by the old-guard leaders of the prominent national fraternity — and Renata is subsequently ostracized for seeking justice — the tempo and tenor change. With the help of Revenge, Inc., the victim takes charge of the very personal judgments and punishments to come.

“Cloud of Terns,” the first in Colman's series of Revenge, Inc. psycho-thrillers, satisfies the most basic of human emotions: the desire to fight back when wronged — eye for an eye-style, cheek left unturned.

Wiley and Dave of Revenge, Inc. take their jobs dead serious, and the result for readers is an ever-spiraling, mind-expanding story of crime and punishment.